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9. Best Broccoli Cheese Soup. Here's another meat-free dish to serve with baked potatoes. Yes, soup can be paired with your baked potatoes to round out a meal. Since broccoli cheese soup is comforting and baked potatoes are too, it's like going to one of those soup and salad places for a lighter dinner.

Loaded baked sweet potatoes

11. Texas Chili. Smoky and meaty, Texas Chili is a typical hearty chili ideal for tailgating, cookouts, and slow-cooking. If you're looking for a way to feed a large group of hungry people, Texas Chili is the answer. Add a side of baked potatoes for a complete meal. The dish is simple to prepare and surprisingly filling.

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Sour cream - A creamy, tangy condiment that adds moisture and balances the starchiness of the potato. Bacon bits - Salty, crunchy bits of bacon that provide a savory, smokey contrast to the potato. Shredded cheddar cheese - Melty, nutty, salty cheddar cheese is a classic topping to make it cheesy and extra rich.

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1. Grilled BBQ Chicken. Though buttery and usually loaded with salty goodness, baked potatoes are pretty mild in flavor. With that in mind, they make the perfect partner for something with extra flavor. Grilled BBQ chicken is bursting with amazing flavors, from tangy BBQ sauce to smokey char.

Loaded baked sweet potatoes

Side dishes include: coconut chicken curry, cheesy broccoli bake, tuna and sweetcorn salad, eggplant caponata, sauteed mushrooms, chili con carne, minty snap pea salad, Mississippi pot roast, creamed spinach, Mexican style beans, simple green salad, creamy coleslaw, and pesto chicken salad. Serve immediately and enjoy!

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One appetizer idea is to create mini loaded potato skins, topped with crispy bacon, tangy sour cream, and sharp cheddar cheese. These bite-sized treats are sure to be a hit at any gathering and are perfect for sharing. Another appetizer option is to serve the loaded baked potatoes in a dip form, alongside crispy potato chips or warm bread cubes.

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5 - BBQ Meatloaf. -. If you want meat on your menu but can't make a beef roast, BBQ meatloaf is also an excellent option to serve with loaded baked potato. It's equally delicious and complements the spuds dish. BBQ meatloaf is incredibly flavorful and looks like a complex dish to cook.

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Bacon-wrapped asparagus combines the smokiness of bacon with the fresh, slightly sweet flavor of asparagus. This fancy yet easy-to-make side dish adds both flavor and elegance to your baked potato meal. 15. Chili. Hearty and full of flavor, chili makes an excellent side dish for baked potatoes.

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Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Using a fork prick holes around the entire potato. Rub each potato with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Place on a baking tray and bake for 60-75 minutes. Baking time will depend on how big the potatoes are. Slice the top of the baked potatoes open.

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Place them on a sheet pan in a single layer and rub with oil on all sides. In a small bowl combine paprika, garlic powder, salt, and black pepper. Rub the seasoning mixture over all sides of each pork chop. Cover the pork chops loosely with aluminum foil and bake for about 15 minutes depending on thickness.

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Below we list all of our favorite dishes that pair perfectly with baked potatoes, including main dishes, like tender chicken and juicy steak, tasty toppings, like crispy prosciutto and herbed garlic butter, and more. Prep Time 10 mins. Cook Time 55 mins. Total Time 1 hr 5 mins. Course: Appetizer, Side Dish, Sides.

Best Ever Baked Potatoes Sugar and Soul

Baked Feta Recipe. The best baked feta cheese with olives, fresh herbs and olive oil. This is a rich and creamy vegetarian appetizer or side dish. Grab The Recipe. Air Fryer Frozen Green Beans. Quick and easy Air Fryer Frozen Green Beans are the perfect crispy side dish for vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free diets.

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Instructions. Preheat the oven to 400°F. Clean each potato by scrubbing off any dirt. Use a fork to poke 8 to 10 sets of holes in the skins of each potato for ventilation. Rub a small amount of olive oil on each potato. Season generously with salt and wrap each potato tightly in aluminum foil.

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Contrary to what many believe, baked potatoes are actually a nutritious food, loaded with vitamins, minerals, and protein. The best side dishes you can serve with baked potatoes: Roasted Leg of Lamb, Stuffed Mushrooms, Slow Cooker Beef Short Ribs, Steak Fajitas, Steak with Garlic Butter.

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The parmesan cheese sauce is incredibly rich and decadent. When serving baked potatoes, it's a great idea to choose a main dish that has lots of sauce. This sauce can double as a baked potato topping. Parmesan cream sauce poured over baked potatoes sounds like the best side dish ever! 17. Cauliflower Mac and Cheese.

Loaded Baked Potatoes DIVERSE DINNERS

These crispy potato skins are filled with savory pulled pork, melty cheese and BBQ sauce. 4. Low-Fat Baked Potato With Tuna And Cheese. This low-fat baked potato with tuna and cheese is packed with flavor, high in protein, low in fat thanks to fat-free cottage cheese. It makes for a delicious mid-week meal.