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In a fair taste test between seeded and seedless watermelons picked fresh from a field, "the triploids always win," he says. The triploids — the seedless ones — have three sets of genes.

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A seedless watermelon has three sets of genes, while a seeded watermelon has two — that's why a seedless watermelon can't actually produce mature seeds. Because it has more genes, a seedless watermelon's sweet flavor is actually expressed more, so the fruit is actually more likely to be more flavorful than a seeded watermelon.

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Another great place to find seeded watermelon is at specialty grocery stores or ethnic markets. These stores often cater to a diverse clientele and are more likely to carry a wider range of watermelon varieties. Look for watermelons with a "Seeded" label or ask the store employees for assistance.

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Any gardener can plant seedless watermelon seeds. Growing fruit from those seeds requires an extra step. "Companies can sell seedless watermelon seeds. There's a big HOWEVER though…" says Rachel Syngo of Melon 1. "You must also grow a seeded watermelon right next to it so that a pollinator can reach both flowers on the vine."

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Seedless vs. Seeded Watermelon. Seeded, or traditional, watermelon is native to West Africa and has been around for at least a few thousand years. In fact, watermelon seeds were even found in King Tut's tomb. Traditional watermelons have thick green rinds, pink flesh, and black seeds. These seeds are fertile, which means you could plant them.

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It is true that some melon varieties are sweeter than others — one of the most popular and oldest watermelon breeds, the Crimson Sweet, has a high sugar content of around 12%. However, Crimson Sweet seeds can produce either seeded or seedless watermelons, with a similar sugar content, so long as the plants are grown in similar ways.

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According to Specialty Produce, seedless watermelons have a moderate sugar content (similar to seeded watermelons, per a 2018 article published in the journal, HortScience). They are usually sweet.

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Moon and Stars (Cherokee) This watermelon strain with speckled skin, a 15-pound weight, and sweet pink flesh with black seeds. A moon and star-studded strain of the classic Moon and Stars watermelon. These fruits grow to about 2 feet long and weigh around 15 pounds each. Bright pink, sweet flesh with black seeds.

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11. Little Darling. 'Little Darling' is a small, early maturing hybrid watermelon variety that bears oblong, five to seven-pound fruit with dark green rinds. These personal-sized fruits have a high sugar content, which means their red flesh is super sweet.

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Seeded: The classic watermelon comes in a wide range of sizes. (15-45 lb, round, long, oblong) Seedless: Due to high demand, the majority of watermelon cultivars grown today are seedless - and they are getting redder and crisper thanks to seed breeding advancements. They are not the result of genetic engineering, but rather hybridization.

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Seeded, or traditional, watermelon is native to West Africa and has been around for at least a few thousand years. In fact, watermelon seeds were even found in King Tut's tomb.

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When all danger of frost has passed and/or soil seed zone temperature exceeds 70°F. Seeding rate/Acre. 1 - 3 lbs. Seed / oz. 300 - 600. Seeding depth. 0.75 - 1″. Seedling spacing. 3′ in-row on 80 A wide raised beds (irrigated) 5′ in-row on 8 - 10′ wide raised beds (dry land)

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Indigenous to the African continent, watermelons are kin to cucumbers, pumpkins and loofah.Over the past 50 years, the black-seeded varieties — prized by watermelon lovers — slowly vanished.

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Here are some of the top locations to find seeded watermelons near you. When it comes to finding the best-seeded watermelons near you, local farmers' markets are an excellent place to start. They often offer a wide variety of fresh, locally-grown produce, including juicy watermelons with seeds. You can talk directly to the farmers, ask.