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2. Barbie Party Supplies . You can't serve up food and cake on just any old plates. This Barbie tableware set comes with plates, napkins, cups, a tablecloth, and candles that would be more than welcome in Barbie's Dreamhouse. Add pink plastic utensils and paper Barbie headbands for each guest in lieu of party hats.. RELATED: Bluey Birthday Party Ideas: Bluey Birthday Cake, Games, and More

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19: Malibu Barbie Birthday Cake. If you are throwing a fun Malibu Barbie birthday you'll want to treat your party guests to a beach-themed cake. Use food coloring or edible decorations to add details like shells, beach umbrellas, and a surfboard. To create 'sand' add crumbs and toppings to your cake.

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3: 'Pin the Bow' on Barbie. A 'pin the bow on Barbie' printable is a fantastic party activity, bringing a delightful twist to the classic game. Children can enjoy the excitement of a blindfolded, laughter-filled challenge as they attempt to pin the bow in the right spot, enhancing their spatial awareness and coordination.

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Hosting a trendy and sparkling Barbie birthday theme party for adults in 2023 is a fantastic way to relive your childhood and embrace the magic of Barbie's world. With these fabulous ideas for decorations, outfits, cakes, food, and more, your celebration is bound to be a smashing success. We hope you love all the Barbie birthday decoration ideas.

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Barbie Party Game Ideas. Finally, last but not least are games. Playing games makes parties so much more fun and a great way to interact with others. This list has ideas that work for adults, kids, and everyone in between. Pool Games. Throwing a Barbie-themed pool party, then you have to try these fun games. There are a ton of great options.

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Christmas Update Play Fun Dress Up

Barbie Scavenger Hunt. Start your Barbie party games with a scavenger hunt to gather the Barbies and their accessories. Give kids a list of items to find and clues on where they are hidden. Make sure every girl's list includes one Barbie, an extra outfit and basic accessories. The goal is to make sure every girl has enough items for the next.

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We love this sweet Barbie party invite from Familyshoppingbag. Image courtesy of Family Shop Bag. Barbie Paper Plates & Cups. Make the perfect table setting with Barbie-themed paper plates, cups and table covers. For bonus points pick up pink plastic cutlery to add to the mood. Woodies has a nice range of Barbie party items. Image courtesy of.

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Birthdays. Baby Showers. Fundraisers. More Celebrations. For Pros. This flirtatiously fun fad is fueled by pink, pink and, more pink. Plan a Barbie-themed party from epic entrance to party favors.

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Make a space where visitors can get their hair and makeup done so they look like Barbie or one of her friends. Your guests will look and feel like Barbies thanks to traditional updos and colorful cosmetic styles. Gold Pink Backdrop Shining Diamonds Pearl Princess Girl Portrait Birthday Party Banner. $16.99.

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13. Barbie-themed Cupcake Decorating. Let the kids unleash their creativity by decorating cupcakes with Barbie-inspired toppings. 14. Barbie-themed Games. Incorporate games like Pin the Bow on Barbie, a Barbie scavenger hunt, or a Barbie-themed bingo. 15. Microphone Craft Party Activity. 16. Pin the Bow on Vintage Barbie

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Malibu Barbie Pink Cocktail. Pink cocktails are mandatory, especially this Malibu Barbie cocktail by Everyday Shortcuts. Combine Malibu rum, cranberry, orange, and pineapple juices and shake with ice. Pour into a fresh glass with a pink sugar rim, pineapple wedge, and cherry for the ultimate Barbie party drink.

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A party pack that includes plates, napkins, and cups is an easy way to get everything you need and ensure it works well with your theme. This set is enough for 16 party guests, including napkins, pink cups, and plates featuring Barbie and some of her pals. You also get a large tablecloth and 24 colorful birthday candles.

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3. Barbie make up box. An awesome Barbie party activity idea is the Barbie Make Up Box that you can give to each guest. Girls love to play with makeup, even the toy ones, and they'll gladly take what they can get. Prepare some Barbie make up boxes that will let the little girls become as pretty as Barbie herself!

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Barbie Birthday Party. Birthdays in Corona-times are hard. Espcially when you're five. Each summer, I help my sister plan the perfect party for my sweet niece. We usually reserve the pool we are members at and invite all her close friends and family. But this year the pool's closed, and social distancing made it unsafe to have a big bash.

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Keep reading for ideas on Barbie party invites, decorations, favors, activities, and more. Decorations for Barbie Themed Party There's no better way to honor your little angel's passion for Barbie than to throw her a.. Plus, all the children's birthday party games are tested and approved by kids 7, 8 and 9 year olds..

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How to Set Up a Fashion Show Barbie Party. We completely rearranged our entire living room to host the party. Clothing display prep: I placed two chairs back to back and hung 2 $7 shower curtain rods over the tops to serve as a "closet" for all the clothes. What to wear: We neatly hung every single dress-up outfit from Little Pea's collection along with all the hand-me-down Christmas, Easter.