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Ben & Jerry's has just unveiled a brand new never-before-seen flavour ahead of Refugee Week (June 19-25), called Sunny Honey Home. This refreshing new creation is made with lemon flavour ice.

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Introducing NEW Sunny Honey Home! Co-created with eight entrepreneurs with refugee backgrounds, this flavour brings the tastes of Morocco, Afghanistan, and Syria to our spoons.

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Their brand new ice cream, Sunny Honey Home, is launching next week! Ben & Jerry's says the new summery flavour is inspired by the flavours of Morocco, Afghanistan and Syria. The idea behind the.

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15 June 2023. Categories Dairy Food Industries New products. Ben & Jerry's has added new lemon-flavoured ice cream to its portfolio: Sunny Honey Home. Sunny Honey Home features a creamy lemon.

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Raspberry Cheesecake. 3.5. Buy Now. Ben & Jerry's offers 98 Flavors of Ice Cream. Flavors Available In Dairy, Non-Dairy, Gluten Free, and More. Find Your New Favorite Flavor Today.

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Unter diesem Deckel wartet etwas besonders Süßes auf deinen Löffel! Sunny Honey Home ist inspiriert von den Küchen Marokkos, Afghanistans und Syriens. Wir haben diese Sorte in Zusammenarbeit mit acht Unternehmer:innen, die aus ihren Herkunftsländern geflüchtet sind, und weiteren Verbündeten aus der migrantischen Entrepreneurscommunity entwickelt.

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Ben & Jerry's New Sunny Honey Home Flavor Helps UK Refugees Get A Fresh

Introducing NEW Sunny Honey Home! We co-created this flavour with 8 refugee entrepreneurs and our allies at @TERN to bring the tastes and cultures of their home countries to the Ben & Jerry's ice.

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Making the best possible ice cream in the best possible way is our mission. From mixing Fairtrade chunks & swirls into dairy from free-grazing cows, it's all part of the joyous journey to ice cream euphoria. Every journey needs a sweet ending… so be a pal and toss your empty tub in the recycling bin. Thanks from all of us at Ben & Jerry's!

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Official site for Ben & Jerry's super premium ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, and non-dairy. Peace, Love, & Ice Cream.

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31K likes, 435 comments - benandjerrys on June 16, 2023: "Introducing NEW Sunny Honey Home! This flavor was co-created with 8 refugee entrepreneurs and our."

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The Sunny Honey Home flavor will be available at Co-Op, a British-based grocery store, by June 19th for the suggested price of £5.50 per pint (about $7). The ice cream brand has also hinted at.

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